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Picture Perfect

You have looked at the portfolios of a variety of photographers. You have asked friends for references. You know who is “HOT” and who is not. You know the look that you want for your wedding album. You finally pick the photographer. To insure that what you want happens as you want it, take the steps to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome by developing your own or reading closely, the prepared contract your photographer proposes.

A contract is a legal agreement between you (who promises to pay for the work) and the person who will do the work. It will make life much easier if you spell out in that contract, certain terms and conditions that should help to insure delivery of a timely and beautiful product.

Here are a few ideas for inclusion in such a contract.

  • Include contract information for both parties.
  • Specify the dates, times, and addresses of all wedding locations.
  • Provide the name and the contact information for an available backup photographer.
  • Include a clear statement of the package details the photographer offers or which you have selected.
  • There should be a statement of the photographer’s copy right policy. Read it carefully. Generally this means that the photographer owns the exclusive legal rights to the photographs and means that you cannot use them for publication without the photographers permission. However, you can use images for personal reasons, such as posting on your wedding web site or emailing them to family and friends.

The contract should also detail:

  • The date that the proofs will be available and how long you may keep them.
  • How long your photographer will keep the negatives.
  • When and how you will receive your album, prints, Cd’s.
  • The reorder prices.
  • The total cost and the payment due dates.
  • The deposit amount.
  • The cancellation and refund policy.

I know this must seem like alot to go over, but your wedding photographers and the one thing you will cherish for years to come. With that you want to make sure you receive everything you wanted from your photographer that day…you can’t really have a re-shoot for one of the biggest days of your lives.

Also, make a list of photographs you would like taken, funny poses, special guests. Send your photographer a few pictures you have seen and really liked. It will give them a better idea of what you are looking for. It is such a busy day and you are caught up in the moment. So if your photographer has your must have list you are sure not to miss those special shots.


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The Church of the Kettles

I thought I would share with you a few locations I absolutely love. Even though it is only accessible by’s an adventure for your guest and they will love every minute of it. Just imagine your beautiful photographs taken on this small but quint island.

The Church of the Kettles, Muskoka
Church of the Kettles is a familiar site to many cottagers. It was built in 1900 on land donated by Rev. C.O. Johnston. Accessible only by water, this summer-only church is located on Lake Muskoka, directly across from Mortimer’s Point. The architecture is quintessentially Muskoka. Made totally from wood, it blends into its setting in a very symbiotic fashion. Legend has it that the rocks nearby were the hiding place for Huron sacramental vessels hidden at the time of the Iroquois invasion.

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Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

I always love to find fun little things that will personalize your special day. Why not send our wedding invitaions out with one of these cool postage stamps. Everyone wil talk about it for years.

Chedk it out:

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Now more then ever couples are going to new lengths to infuse their personalities into their big day.Which is making the 2008 bride to be more creative then ever.From Daring Destinations to Going Hi-Tech….this years couples are anything but boring.

Going Hi-Tech
With facebook and all the many networking sites brides and grooms are turning to the hi-tech world. Let’s face it it’s alot easyier then calling all your 8 bridesmaids to get their opinion on the style of dresses they prefer, menu options, dress fitting schedule etc. It’s even a great way for your family and friends to learn more about your relationship. Have fun with it post pictures, blogs about your wedding planning etc. There are just so many web-sites that offer free wedding web space.

Daring Destinations
Destination weddings are still a trend for 2008, but warm destination spots are not the growing trend anymore. Couples are now going to places you would never think of. From African safari’s, mountain slopes, to beautiful ice hotels. It just seems like anything is possible these days. I believe destination weddings are here to stay…who wouldn’t want to travel to a beautiful location for the biggest day of your lives.

Having a “Green Wedding”
Weddings are becoming more eco-friendly and green weddings are a huge trend for 2008.Couples are trying to be more environmentally conscious about everyting from recylable invitations down to menu and wedding favors.

Yellow is 2008’s hottest color for spring and summer bridesmaids. They are fresh and make any summer wedding one to remember. Just remember these are not your dated pastel yellow, instead a more vibrant brighter yellow. If you are worried that it won’t go with an indoor theme no worries, just pair it up with another more richer colour. Such as chocolate brown…which gives you more of an exotic feel.
Mini Moons
Many couples are taking mini moons after their wedding and going on their honeymoon at a later time. Due to saving extra money, or if they are getting married in the summer and want to wait until it gets colder to fly down south.I think it’s a great idea!!) Just a couple of days away somewhere local.Where you can relax and enjoy your new married status. There are many local getaway spots to choose from. Such as a local resort in the Muskoka’s, weekend in Montreal, visit a local spa for the weekend or even a quiet Bed & Breakfast.

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Making it FUN: Children at the Wedding

Are you planning on having children at your wedding? Why not make it fun for them.Children have very short attention spans…so you really have to plan ahead for their entertainment and comfort. There are so many ideas to keep those little ones happy. At the reception, create an area where the kids can play, have a mini snack bar for them to snack on, mini child-size seating with fun activities for them to do. Such as activity books, crayons, books and games. You even can get them all in your wedding theme.
If you are still not too sure if you can keep them happy.You can hire a wedding childcare professional to attend and do activities with the children, while the parents have a great time to celebrate your wedding.
Ohh and don’t forget to give special favors for your little guests to take home!

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Well I’ve started my NEW blog page…I’m pretty excited. I added my last posts from my old blog as well.



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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…green?

Todays bride’s going GREEN? Yes it is true…from the trend of destination weddings to totally green weddings.It’s the newest trend and it’s getting everyone’s attention.This doesn’t mean you have to walk down the aisle in a lime green wedding dress, but for that enviromently conscious couple this might be the route to go.From wedding dresses made of hemp, hybrid limos, organic food, natural materials and recyclable invitations. I can see why it’s getting the attention of so many brides. Going “GREEN” is one of the biggest business opportunities right now so why shouldn’t the wedding industry jump in as well. I’m all in for protecting the enviroment for ourselves and our children and I truly hope this trend sticks.I know I would love to plan a green wedding or at least incorporate a few elements.
If you are interested in finding out more about this newest trend, check out the gateway to greener weddings.

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