Now more then ever couples are going to new lengths to infuse their personalities into their big day.Which is making the 2008 bride to be more creative then ever.From Daring Destinations to Going Hi-Tech….this years couples are anything but boring.

Going Hi-Tech
With facebook and all the many networking sites brides and grooms are turning to the hi-tech world. Let’s face it it’s alot easyier then calling all your 8 bridesmaids to get their opinion on the style of dresses they prefer, menu options, dress fitting schedule etc. It’s even a great way for your family and friends to learn more about your relationship. Have fun with it post pictures, blogs about your wedding planning etc. There are just so many web-sites that offer free wedding web space.

Daring Destinations
Destination weddings are still a trend for 2008, but warm destination spots are not the growing trend anymore. Couples are now going to places you would never think of. From African safari’s, mountain slopes, to beautiful ice hotels. It just seems like anything is possible these days. I believe destination weddings are here to stay…who wouldn’t want to travel to a beautiful location for the biggest day of your lives.

Having a “Green Wedding”
Weddings are becoming more eco-friendly and green weddings are a huge trend for 2008.Couples are trying to be more environmentally conscious about everyting from recylable invitations down to menu and wedding favors.

Yellow is 2008’s hottest color for spring and summer bridesmaids. They are fresh and make any summer wedding one to remember. Just remember these are not your dated pastel yellow, instead a more vibrant brighter yellow. If you are worried that it won’t go with an indoor theme no worries, just pair it up with another more richer colour. Such as chocolate brown…which gives you more of an exotic feel.
Mini Moons
Many couples are taking mini moons after their wedding and going on their honeymoon at a later time. Due to saving extra money, or if they are getting married in the summer and want to wait until it gets colder to fly down south.I think it’s a great idea!!) Just a couple of days away somewhere local.Where you can relax and enjoy your new married status. There are many local getaway spots to choose from. Such as a local resort in the Muskoka’s, weekend in Montreal, visit a local spa for the weekend or even a quiet Bed & Breakfast.


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