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Jillian Harris’s Engagement Ring

I’m not a big fan of the The Bachelorette, but I had to watch the final, just to see the proposal. When Jillian choose Ed Swiderski I really didn’t know if he was actually going to pop the question, which he did with this custom made Neil Lane diamond engagement ring .The same ring that was used last season when Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft. I bet if he knew that is would have chosen another ring. Well hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come. They seem really happy with each other, fingers crossed it will work out for the two of them. We all know love is not a easy thing. Here are the details about the beautiful ring Jillian received.

Custom made by Neil Lane, Platinum setting ,

2.05 carat centre pear shaped stone, 6 bagettes and 94 round diamonds accentuate the centre stone, Side stones measure 1.03 carats,
Total diamond weight 3.08 carats
Who could say no to that?

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Twilight Live Love Bath Product Launch

Twilight Door Sign…make it sparkle!

When I first heard that Jenny was making these products I knew I had to throw a Twilight Themed Party”. I’m a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series”novels and I just fell in love with the characters. There were so many aspects I wanted to include in the party. With a little bit of research and getting inspired by the characters. I think it was a success.

Yes, I’m a Mom Yes, I read Twilight of Course I Love Edward

The Twilight “Live Love Bath” Party was amazing, the girls had a blast. Jenny from Live Love Bath just launched her NEW Twilight inspired scents. Such as her Bella , Forbitten Twilight and Vampire Kisses. If I can’t kiss the real thing Vampire Kisses is close enough. Just close your eyes and imagine Edwards wrapping you in his arms. Her Bella scent is just as I imagined…everyone has to get these products. They are amazing and all natural.

Live Love Bath Sample Products

This is Jenny’s completely custom scent to her line. “Forbitten Twilight”. This scent was inspired by the wonderful Twilight stories, and created after all the scent descriptions in the books sparked her interest.So slip away into a world of romance, passion and fantasy with this captivating scent inspired by the well known novels. This scent begins with notes of sweet berries, tart oranges. Hints of cinnamon, fresh blooming roses and woodsy musk are added and it is finally lightly kissed with romantic amber and just a touch of ‘sparkle’. Now you can smell like your favorite Cullen. Forbitten Twilight comes in all your favorite products including: body frostings, omega lotion, sugar scrub, body spray, bath gumdrops and loofa soaps. Also for the Twilight fan looking to sparkle like a Cullen, you can get the Forbitten Twilight Sparkle Omega cream to add a bit of Dazzle to your skin.

PARIFIN TREATMENT:Twilight Wax Treatment

It was a little bit HOT…for some!

Jenny also has more Twilight inspired scents coming out this November, just in time for New Moon. Thanks Jenny for an awesome Twilight Bath inspired party. Check out her web site:

Proud Twilight Mom

I totally let my Alice side take over planning this party. I just let all my emotions from reading and watching the film take over. As well as doing a bit of research. When planning a “Twilight” party you have to set the right mood. The party MUST be at Twilight, trees filled with white lights, candle light and the Twilight soundtrack playing in the background. Or even play some of Rob Pattinson music such as “I’ll Be Your Lover” and “Let me Sign”. New Moon is already huge so lets have a little fun!

Printable Labels from Hostesses with the Mostess

Thanks goes out to Lindsay Giguere from Linzi’s Cakes for making these delicious Twilight inspired Cupcakes. Visit her web site:

I had a table for gifts for the guests…just something simple.

Guest Favors

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Short Wedding Dress!

Short Antoinette by Suzanne Neville

Lately I’ve been into when brides wear a short wedding dress. It’s fun, and not at all traditional. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. Also when choosing a short gown you can show off your sexy heels. I know when I got married I never even had the option to go short. Now looking back I would love to change my dress up and have a bit more fun with it.

I know when you were a little girl dreaming about your wedding you probably imagined yourself wearing a beautiful full length gown with the long train. These days short wedding dresses are “HOT”. Now some brides want to show off their super model legs or break the traditional wedding traditions. As long as you don’t go too short and look trashy. You don’t want to to pull a Pamela Anderson. It will still look like a classic and elegant.

Jim Hjelm

I love this look, especially for summer weddings. If you are intending on getting married in a church just remember you still can go short, just choose a tea length dress. Already designers from Vera Wang to Alfred Angelo are already a step ahead of today’s bride.

What do you think about this new trend?

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Memory Tins

I’ve always been into preserving your memories and over the years have came up with different ways to do that. About six months ago, I started to make Memory Tins and they have been a huge success. Everyone loves them!!) They are great gifts for the new mom-to-be, bride-to-be among many others. I’m now working on one for my son. He brings home so many pieces of art he have no where to keep his special ones. If they are too big, we just take a pic and put in in the tin.

Here are a few tins I have done in the last little bit.

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WN- Wedding Footwear

Wedding Footwear

We know about the understand the interest in footwear for weddings. During the Middle Ages a bride’s father would give one of her shoes to the groom who would then tap it lightly over the bride’s head to symbolize the shift in authority.
German brides tossed their shoes to attendants in lieu of the throwing a bouquet. Anglo Saxon guests pelted the departing couple with old shoes believing that this would bless the couple with children.
Today’s bride many tuck a coin in her shoe to ensure that she will broke or without prosperity.
Ancient Egyptians exchanges are threw shoes when property or authority changed hands. Therefore, throwing shoes at early brides symbolize a father relinquishing his authority over his daughter to the groom.
Many early people believed that a person’s soul lived in his shoe, and when a shoe was thrown at the happy couple it syphilized a wish of happiness while sending them off with the precious gift of the shoe owner’s experience.
The tradition of tying old shoes to the back of the wedding car lies in the wish to drive evil spirits away from the happy couple.
The folklore surrounding shoes and weddings is colourful. It’s fun to talk about. Today’s bride would never think of being hit by a shoe for good luck….ouch!

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Blue Six Creative

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Blue Six Creative

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WN- Budget Brides

Budget Brides

We know that a bride’s budget can be blown quickly if she isn’t careful. We are experts at helping brides create the wedding of their dreams without the nightmares that come being over-budget.
The guest list. Look at your wedding realistically. You are inviting friends and relatives. Others on the list are likely to be friends of both sets of parents. A conversation with each of them about the numbers of guests is necessary unless you/or your parents can afford to pay for everyone.
Big floral arrangements may be beyond your budget. take a good look at the church sanctuary and see if you really need all of those flowers. Most do not- they are stand alone special places. We would suggest renting some greenery if you have large spaces to fill and saving money for the reception decorations.

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Toronto Royal York Hotel

If you have a friend or close relatives who was recently married, it may be possible to borrow somethings -gloves, shoes, headpiece, jewelry.
We all have lots more money saving ideas for you , so come book your free consultation. We specialize in happy brides.

Order all wedding stationery at one time adding to the numbers you think you will need. Set up charges for a few extras later is expensive. Ribbons and coloured inks can also add to the expense of invitation.

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