Honeymoon Hints

Ever since the days of “wedding by capture” couples have found time to be together for a time after the wedding ceremony.

Whether your plans include a romantic cruise, or a few days canoeing in the wilderness, this is a time for he two of you to be alone ans transition from the very busy planning and celebrating to a life of just the two of you.

Whatever your plans, do consult with a travel agent as you begin thinking about honeymoon destinations. She can recommend some wonderful destinations, good places to stay and things to do. Let the agent know how much you can spend, the amount of time you have and what both of you like to do.

Here are some helpful hits we have collected from traveling couples.

  1. Take most of your money in travelers checks rather then cash for security reasons. Or if you prefer, follow more and more couples who are choosing to use bank or cash card. If they know that access to the card will be available at their destination.
  2. Take national credit cards for things like hotels and car rentals.
  3. Make a list of all your travelers cheques. credit cards and checking account information. Take the information with you, but keep it separate.
  4. Make a list of luggage contents. It will be helpful in case of lost luggage claims.
  5. Make a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of family in case of emergency. You should also label names and phone numbers on your cell phone with the heading ICE ( in case of emergency). First responders tell us most victims at accident sites have cell phones but no indication on the phone list whom to call in an emergency. It would promptly notify the proper persons.
  6. If wedding gifts are going to be transported to your new home or apartment while you are gone, make sure that your home owners or rental insurance will cover these additions to your belongings.
  7. Pack light or bring another small suit case, you always come home with more then you left with. With gifts and souvenirs.
Enjoy your honeymoon!!)

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