WN- Budget Brides

Budget Brides

We know that a bride’s budget can be blown quickly if she isn’t careful. We are experts at helping brides create the wedding of their dreams without the nightmares that come being over-budget.
The guest list. Look at your wedding realistically. You are inviting friends and relatives. Others on the list are likely to be friends of both sets of parents. A conversation with each of them about the numbers of guests is necessary unless you/or your parents can afford to pay for everyone.
Big floral arrangements may be beyond your budget. take a good look at the church sanctuary and see if you really need all of those flowers. Most do not- they are stand alone special places. We would suggest renting some greenery if you have large spaces to fill and saving money for the reception decorations.

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Toronto Royal York Hotel

If you have a friend or close relatives who was recently married, it may be possible to borrow somethings -gloves, shoes, headpiece, jewelry.
We all have lots more money saving ideas for you , so come book your free consultation. We specialize in happy brides.

Order all wedding stationery at one time adding to the numbers you think you will need. Set up charges for a few extras later is expensive. Ribbons and coloured inks can also add to the expense of invitation.


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