WN- Wedding Footwear

Wedding Footwear

We know about the understand the interest in footwear for weddings. During the Middle Ages a bride’s father would give one of her shoes to the groom who would then tap it lightly over the bride’s head to symbolize the shift in authority.
German brides tossed their shoes to attendants in lieu of the throwing a bouquet. Anglo Saxon guests pelted the departing couple with old shoes believing that this would bless the couple with children.
Today’s bride many tuck a coin in her shoe to ensure that she will broke or without prosperity.
Ancient Egyptians exchanges are threw shoes when property or authority changed hands. Therefore, throwing shoes at early brides symbolize a father relinquishing his authority over his daughter to the groom.
Many early people believed that a person’s soul lived in his shoe, and when a shoe was thrown at the happy couple it syphilized a wish of happiness while sending them off with the precious gift of the shoe owner’s experience.
The tradition of tying old shoes to the back of the wedding car lies in the wish to drive evil spirits away from the happy couple.
The folklore surrounding shoes and weddings is colourful. It’s fun to talk about. Today’s bride would never think of being hit by a shoe for good luck….ouch!

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Blue Six Creative

Toronto Wedding Photographers - Blue Six Creative


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