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WN-The Wedding Rehearsal

The Wedding Rehearsal

Believe it or not I have many brides who ask us if they really need to have a rehearsal. They just want to show up on their wedding day and trust that all will go well. I remind them that they are about to produce, direct and star in a major production. No Broadway play goes on without rehearsal. The wedding ceremony should not either.
To be sure that everything goes smoothly during the wedding ceremony I believe the rehearsal is necessary. The bride and the groom with their attendants (which include the bride’s
parents or whomever is walking her down the aisle) should take the rehearsal seriously, arriving on time and properly dressed.

Many years ago the bride chose a stand in for the rehearsal, since it was considered unlucky for
her to actually say any of the words of the ceremony before the actual event. Today however,
both the bride and the groom take their places at the altar. It is unlikely that the clergyman will
go through the entire service, but will talk and walk you through the sequence of events. Most
will let the couple go through their responses if they wish. As well as practicing the processional and recessional,and going through the service, the ushers should be briefed on who will sit in the reserved pews and how the other pews should be filled. Other details like who will roll out the aisle cloth and when, who will escort the mothers, and who will decorate the pews in the unlikely event that the florist will not will be covered at rehearsal.

If special music is to be played, a poem to be read or non-traditional vows said, those should be
practiced at the rehearsal so they will be said easily during the ceremony. The groom’s parents may be invited to attend,but since they do not have an active part in the
ceremony they do not need to be there. It is likely that they will be hosting the rehearsal dinner,
which follows and would prefer to be at that location attending last minute details.
So make the rehearsal a fun event for yourself and the bridal party. Assure everyone arrives on time. Plan for a short rehearsal less then an hour. Which gives everyone lots of time to run threw the ceremony a few times. Most importantly plan something fun afterwards, most couples have a rehearsal dinner or BBQ. An opportunity to thank your wedding party and give out your attendant gifts. Just remember your rehearsal shouldn’t be an event to stress over, at this time all the details should be planned. So sit back and enjoy!!D

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