WN- Backup Plans

Backup Plans

Even though a bride may spend hours of dreaming of her wedding day, reality of pulling all the details necessary to make those dreams happen is work.

Planning experts suggest that the couple spend time together sharing their dreams for this day. They each may have an idea for a picture perfect day. How are you dressed, where are you, how many people are there? Once you have shared the dream, it is time to translate those ideas into workable details. Developing an idea into a real event can happen when you ask yourself the same questions your English composition teacher asked: who, what, where, when, how?

Who are the people you want most to be included in this day? Jot down their names and total up the numbers for a rough estimate of guests.

Where do you want to get married? Close to home? on an exotic beach? Zero one or two ideas on which you both agree on. Talk about geography, ceremony and reception ideas.

When? Have you always wanted a Christmas wedding or a perfect day in June?

How will you fund it? Will you pay it yourselves? Can you expect help from families.

When you have decided on the basics of your plans and made some major decisions, do yourself a huge favor and make up backup plans for each area- Just in case. It is wise to have alternatives locations, times and dates. And it is just as easy to get information for alternatives while you are checking out your primary choices. Just because you dreamed of your first choice, it may be way too expensive. Or the date already taken.

Beware of what you can and can’t have, what are you will to change if necessary, will save you time, energy, sanity throughout the planning process. When you talk with potential vendors, ask
about your alternative plans as well as primary ones. That way, if you need them, you will have more options available.


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