Brides Vision & Bridesmaid Happiness

I have to say I love love love these bridesmaid dresses from Twobirds Bridesmaids. Finally a dress that will flatter any bridal party, no matter there size. Twobirds is a bridesmaids boutique dress company that marries a brides vision with the bridesmaids happiness. With 15 ways to style this dress it will keep the bride happy and the bridesmaids comfortable. I know I have a few bridesmaid dresses stashed in my closet, well lets face it I will never wear again. With these I could style it a different way and wear in the summer or to another wedding or dinner party. I just can not believe it took a designer this long to think of this one. Brilliant!!

Alyssa Milano

The dress comes in 18 colours, 15 styles options, 4 lengths and has 3 collections to choose from, One Size Fits 0-14 and size B Fits 16-24


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