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Birdcage Veils

They are back and they are HOT! Which we have the silver screen to thank for, the past few years we have seen a lot of movies going back to vintage style. Such as Sweet Home Alabama, where Reece Witherspoon all stole are hearts, Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four and then we can’t forget Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly’s wedding in December of 2008.

Well I have always loved birdcage veils ever since I saw old photographs of my grandmother’s wedding. Whether  you want something classic or maybe more funky, they can be custom-made to suit your style.

The birdcage veil is very short (just long enough to frame the face) and worn alone, without additional tiers or a separate blusher. This veil is made of coarse French or Russian-style netting rather than typical fine-mesh veil fabrics. Historically, the veil was attached to a hat. The modern bride, however, often prefers to wear her birdcage veil without a hat. Today, most brides attach this short, circular veil directly to their hair with a pin or comb, so that it hangs down around the head. The front part serves as a blusher over her face. As with the mantilla veil, there are no folds or gathers at the crown, and it can be folded back to create a two-tier veil.

Photographer: Crystal Whitehead Photography

What is the difference between the French net and the Russian net?

The French net is the highest quality of the nettings. The French net has a soft, elegant, lacey look. It lays to the hair very easy and doesn’t have as much pop to the texture of the veil. It is consistent from top to bottom in the thickness of the netting and has a pointed edge.

The Russian net has more pop to it because of the character of the netting. It has a little more boldness to it with its bolder scalloped edge.

The Bold French Net is a sassy dramatic look. The netting is consistent all the way through and is very fun.

What is the difference in the Emma veil and the Michele veil?

The Emma veil is made from one piece of the netting while the Michele veil is two pieces of the soft French net or bold French net woven together for a longer length.

Now you are probably asking “Where do I buy them?”

Serendipity jewelry

Designed by Your Truly

Sparko Bridal Boutique 

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Wooing Wednesday

I was blown away when I saw these photographs on  Green Wedding Shoes and I just knew it was definitely “Wooing Wednesday” material. So enjoy:) The whole engagement shoot was inspired by the movie The Notebook.

Photographer: Blushing Bride Studios


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Let’s Eat Cupcakes!

There are so many great cupcake ideas out there now that you can buy these beautiful cupcake holders. I love this idea  from Christi’s Cakes , this theme would be great  for a spring or summer wedding, the colours are so fresh. I know I like a good cupcake, and when they are looking like this everyone would want one.

Visit Christi on FACEBOOK:  Christi’s Cake 

Web site:  Christi’s Cakes

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Wooing Wednesday

Mandy & Jason 

July Wedding

Photography: Crystal Whitehead Photography

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Soul Mates


I love my stiletto’s and when I hear the wedding is outside I don’t have to cringe anymore, I can wear my favorite shoes!  Thanks to SoulMates, they are discreet and easy to use. The SoulMates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels. By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!

They fit snugly on most heels and yet the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel or compromising the aesthetics of the shoe. SoulMates come in two colours black and clear. So if you are having a summer wedding on your family farm or botanical garden order these for your bridal party you will be thanking me.

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Melissa & Joesph- Parkwood Estates

I had so much fun with this couple, they are truly made for each other. Their ceremony and reception took place at Parkwood Estates, which was absolutely beautiful. The different shades of green made  a stunning  backdrop for this May wedding. It was an overcast day, but as soon as the bride arrived the sun came out for an intimate wedding ceremony with their close friends and family. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks Crystal for the beautiful photographs, you captured all the magical  moments of the day.

Location: Parkwood Estates, Oshawa Ontario

Catering: Kings Court Catering

Photographer: Crystal Whitehead Photography

Flowers: The Rose Garden Place

Transportation: On Time Limo

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