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Two Maids of Honour


Some brides might have picked who their maid of honour would be when they were ten, some find  it more difficult to choose one friend to be her honour attendant. Having  two close friends  sharing  this role is an excellent solution. It shouldn’t complicate matters, since the basic responsibilities of any member of the wedding party are the same: to offer assistance throughout her engagement and on her wedding day and be there to support her.  As many of us know planning a wedding can be stressful at time.

At the ceremony, the dual honour attendants can walk down the aisle either together or one in front of the other; they should stand side by side next to the bride during the ceremony. As well each maid of honour can be assigned different responsibilities, such as straightening the train and veil, holding the bouquet, handing the bride the grooms ring, and signing the marriage licence as a witness. Ohh and don’t forget to make sure both maids of honour are listed as such in the wedding program.

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Fab Find- Powder Blue Wedding

When I saw this powered blue dress I feel in love. Not too sure If I would have worn blue on my wedding day, but I like the idea now seven years after my wedding. Which I would totally do different if  I was planning it now. Funny how that happens!

Keria Knightley looks absolutely beautiful in this wedding dress and  powered blue cardigan. What a great idea to wear a cardigan later in the evening. It’s looks great and with the flower embellishment, it’s not your simple plain jane cardigan that you would wear everyday. So now you can have your outdoor wedding and keep a little warm on the cooler nights.

I’m still trying to find the designer. So I will keep you posted.

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Fashionista Friday

Those who know me, know,  that not only do I love to shop for clothes but I’m also an avid fashion and trend researcher.  I LOVE discovering unique pieces and fun new websites, and I have an eye for it. Now I find myself researching wedding information for interesting options for you, our readers and future brides.  It’s a road I have not yet ventured…so you’ll have to be patient with me.  Some of my discoveries aren’t going to be phenomenal…but I think this one is!

I came across this great website ( ), which conveniently  backs up my first article.  No one likes to invest a lot of money in a bridesmaid dress that you’re only going to wear once.  Founder and designer Ariene Goldman, states she was “frustrated with spending too much money on a dress she’ll never wear again”.  So she designed a dress that can be worn 15 different ways.

The website is very user friendly and pleasing to the eye.  It illustrates and provides picture instructions on a few ways to ‘wrap’ the dress to your desired style.   She cleverly names each style as the “Elizabeth”, “Caroline” or “Annie”s.  

Styles such as one shoulder, kimono style, halter, cap sleeves, and strapless are just a few of the options.  This eliminates the stress of finding that right fit for all your bridesmaids who are very different women.  Real women come in all shapes and sizes and this dress gives each bridesmaid the option of wearing the garment in a way that most flatters her body.

The dress simply comes in two sizes (A) 0-14 and (B) 16-24. The nylon/jersey/spandex material allows for a comfortable fit that is not clingy, but falls nicely against the body.   They come in various hemlines and three collections.  Classic, Rosette or Two Toned.

There are 20 different colors, ranging in shades such as black, peacock blue, slate and dusty rose (which to me, looks a bit peachy).  Custom colors are available.  The Two Toned collection can be used with any two colors available.  They are located in the States but ship to Canada, unless of course you want to take your girls on a weekend to New York.  (Have a weekend in New York).

Best of all, the dress is practical and sexy.  Yes –  two words we don’t often use together…but I think this time its warranted.

Personally I love the dress.  It would definitely be a huge possibility for my bridesmaids….only thing is…I’m still searching for my groom!

Happy Shopping!

Barb Griffin

Fashionista Writer

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Wooing Wednesday

 The Photo Studio has some awesome photographers and when I saw this picture I just has to share it with you. I love rustic weddings there is just something about them. Maybe because I love old barns and rusted old trucks.

Photographer: The Photo Studio

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Let’s Eat Cake

Well after the weekend I had I sure wish I had one of these delicious cupcakes from Linzi’s Cakes.

Linzi created these beautiful Cherry Blossom Wedding Cupcakes for Rebecca and Ryan’s wedding favours, which I absolutely love. Who doesn’t like receiving an edible favour at a wedding!  I know I can only use so many wine openers and I hate having to throw out the other useless stuff we received at past weddings. So have fun with your favours, and it doesn’t matter how much they cost. You don’t have to give your guests an expensive favour. Just a little something to say “thanks”.

If you have an edible favour idea, give Linzi’s Cakes  a call and she will create your wedding favour of your dreams. 


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Fashionista Friday

The bridesmaid dress….Then and now

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.  A phrase, a little too familiar to me!  Luckily, my  bridesmaids’ career isn’t as extensive as that of Katherine Heigl’s was in the hit  movie,  “27 dresses”.  I also haven’t experienced the utter horror of wearing something so ridiculous you want to dive behind the DJ booth!  It wasn’t always that way, though.  The past styles have been pretty outrageous looking. Check out some history of the fashions from 1928 through to the early 80’s.  I’m not sure what’s worse the 1970’s floor length floral explosion or the 1980’s super satin puffy sleeved disaster.





EEEEEEEEK!  My eyes are burning!

The bridesmaid dress thankfully, like all fashion has changed over the years. 

Today a typical bridesmaid dress is much more sophisticated and simple.  A ruffle here, a skinny belt or silk sash there and the dresses are classic, so you CAN wear them again.  I know…I know…the brides always tell you the dresses are practical and can be worn again.  Then find yourself stuffing the one day purchase in the back of your closet never to be seen again. 

Good news though, I’m finding more retailers throughout our local malls are creating “wedding and special events collections”.  This allows the buyer to purchase a less expensive dress that is stylish AND practical.  My favorite Canadian retailer with this option is RW&Co.  They carry a wide range of beautiful dresses that don’t leave a bite out of your wallet. They already have a wonderful selection in the fall’s hottest colours.  Expresso brown, bordeaux, lavender and the always classic black.  As a solid, color block or floral pattern. 

Along with a great selection of amazing dresses, they currently have a contest that you should check out at where you can win prizes for just submitting a photo of your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) wearing RW&Co dresses!

So ladies, happy shopping and be thankful that some things in history don’t repeat itself!  Then again who knows….maybe in 2025 we’ll all be wearing green floral floor length gowns, with puffy sleeves!

Barb Griffin

Fashionista Writer

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Wooing Wednesday

Photographer: Jon Rennie


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Let’s Meet Fashionista Friday Writer

I would like to introduce  you to our Fashionista  Friday writer Barb Griffin, 38. She studied Fashion Merchandising at Seneca College and  currently works as a Facilities Coordinator for a software firm. Barb has done some amazing volunteer work for the past 4 years at the Corsage Project as a personal shopper. Corsage Project is an organization that occurs once a year to help an under privileged young girl go to her Prom by providing all the essentials such as the dress, shoes, accessories , make up and hair tips. Barb is currently an amateur  fashion researcher and hopes to work in the area of personal shopper, stylist or buyer.

I email Barb all the time for fashion advice, so I knew she was the right girl for this section. So grab a tea or cocktail and sit back and enjoy. I know  you will enjoy reading her blogs every Friday, I know I’m looking forward to them. See you here on Friday!

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