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Those who know me, know,  that not only do I love to shop for clothes but I’m also an avid fashion and trend researcher.  I LOVE discovering unique pieces and fun new websites, and I have an eye for it. Now I find myself researching wedding information for interesting options for you, our readers and future brides.  It’s a road I have not yet ventured…so you’ll have to be patient with me.  Some of my discoveries aren’t going to be phenomenal…but I think this one is!

I came across this great website ( ), which conveniently  backs up my first article.  No one likes to invest a lot of money in a bridesmaid dress that you’re only going to wear once.  Founder and designer Ariene Goldman, states she was “frustrated with spending too much money on a dress she’ll never wear again”.  So she designed a dress that can be worn 15 different ways.

The website is very user friendly and pleasing to the eye.  It illustrates and provides picture instructions on a few ways to ‘wrap’ the dress to your desired style.   She cleverly names each style as the “Elizabeth”, “Caroline” or “Annie”s.  

Styles such as one shoulder, kimono style, halter, cap sleeves, and strapless are just a few of the options.  This eliminates the stress of finding that right fit for all your bridesmaids who are very different women.  Real women come in all shapes and sizes and this dress gives each bridesmaid the option of wearing the garment in a way that most flatters her body.

The dress simply comes in two sizes (A) 0-14 and (B) 16-24. The nylon/jersey/spandex material allows for a comfortable fit that is not clingy, but falls nicely against the body.   They come in various hemlines and three collections.  Classic, Rosette or Two Toned.

There are 20 different colors, ranging in shades such as black, peacock blue, slate and dusty rose (which to me, looks a bit peachy).  Custom colors are available.  The Two Toned collection can be used with any two colors available.  They are located in the States but ship to Canada, unless of course you want to take your girls on a weekend to New York.  (Have a weekend in New York).

Best of all, the dress is practical and sexy.  Yes –  two words we don’t often use together…but I think this time its warranted.

Personally I love the dress.  It would definitely be a huge possibility for my bridesmaids….only thing is…I’m still searching for my groom!

Happy Shopping!

Barb Griffin

Fashionista Writer

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