Fashionista Friday

I love shopping!  What woman doesn’t?  And I love doing research on shopping.   Everything from what’s hot for the season, new stores or websites and bargains at our local malls.  Now I find myself researching topics of unfamiliar territory.  A bit of “off roading”- if you may.  Being single…and well…never married, you’re probably wondering why the heck I’m writing for a wedding blog.  What do I know about wedding topics?

Well I’ll be honest…I don’t know much about the wedding stuff….that’s why you guys have Bobbi-Jo.  But I do know fashion, and I’m continuously reading and researching information for the other shopaholics like me!

 One website I like to browse through on a regular basis, is a store in New York City called “White House Black Market”

White House Black Market is a boutique that offers beautiful clothing in a simple palette of white and black.  Splashes of red, grey and blue sometimes frequent the apparel, but for the most part it’s pretty simple in color.

“The Wedding Boutique” which is featured on their website has a handful of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and accessories for the more classic and minimal styles.

They have four beautiful bridal dresses this season to choose from.  All under $700!  And I LOVE the accessories especially the “Rosette Bridal Clutch” and the “Ivory Satin Double Rose Clutch”.  Rosette’s are BIG this season.  They are trendy yet elegant. 

Take a peek at the website…and then yet another reason for a roadtrip!  Enjoy!

Barb Griffin

Fashionista Writer


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