Let’s Meet


Weddings are a time when you can wear a big fancy dress, get pampered from head to toe, get all your friends to wear the same dress as well as get your jean wearing groom into a tux. When we were children we envisioned our fairy tale wedding, which has probably changed a bit since then, I no there is no way I could wear a glass slipper all day!

Maybe you have all the details floating around in your head, or you have no idea where to start. Everyone needs a little inspiration along the way to create the picture perfect wedding. I have many brides wondering, what colour should I pick?  which season is best? what dress suits my body type?  and where do I get the best wedding cake?  I created this blog to inspire all my local Clarington brides and hopefully a few more. So sit back grab a tea or cocktail and enjoy, hopefully we see you again.

Bobbi-Jo Verschuuren, DWC

Certified Wedding Planner & Coordinator

One response to “Let’s Meet

  1. Cindy Johnston

    Bobbi Jo, my nephew is getting married in my backyard on Sat. Aug. 28th – can you help?
    the meal is somewhere else, just need decorations and trellos for the wedding. Remember you did our wedding and did a lovely job.

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