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Groom Cakes


A groom’s cake is a  wedding tradition typically associated with the American South. While a wedding cake may often be decorated in white and light in texture and/or color, the groom’s cake can take a variety of forms, many incorporating chocolate or fruit.   Cheesecake sometimes serves as a groom’s cake. The groom’s cake is often served at a separate table from the wedding cake at a wedding reception, though it may be served as a dessert for a  rehearsal dinner. 

With its roots in Southern tradition, the groom’s cake has been around for many years and is back in fashion on the wedding scene.

Modernizing the Groom’s Cake Tradition

Traditionally, a groom’s cake was sliced and boxed for the unmarried girls attending the wedding. She would take it home and place it under her pillow hopeful that the man she dreamed of would become her future husband. Man if it was that easy I would be wedding crashing to find my groom.

Today, the cake is meant to be a reflection of the groom’s interests, favorite sports, hobbies, profession, pretty much anything he enjoys. In my case my husband would have a 24 of beer and a tv remote.

Popular Themes for Groom’s Cakes:

  • Hobbies – photography, chessboard, poker table, pool table, bowling, books, etc.
  • Sports – hockey, football, golf, snowboarding, fishing, etc. 
  • Team Sports – the groom’s favorite teams
  • Wild Animals
  • Favorite Beer or Beverage

The cake can be ordered by the bride as a surprise for her groom, by the groom himself, or by the bridal couple together.  I don’t recommend the cake is to be displayed near the wedding cake, it’s design and presence should not compete with the wedding cake. Which should always be at the top for design and placement. 

When to Serve the Groom’s Cake

It’s a personal choice when to serve the cake – at the rehearsal dinner, as an alternate dessert with the wedding cake, or as a late night dessert for the wedding party. Groom’s cakes traditionally tend to be fruit cake or chocolate cake, but that shouldn’t dictate the bride and groom’s choice.

If the cake is to be pre-boxed and taken home by the guests as favors, then there are several creative ways to display it. The slices can be individually boxed and arranged to look like a tiered cake on a cake stand. Alternatively, a couple could order individual petit four cakes in place of one full-sized cake. These petits fours can then be boxed for the guests, and could boast the couple’s monogram.

A groom’s cake is not mandatory at a wedding, but it does add a special and memorable touch.

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Let’s Eat Cake

Well after the weekend I had I sure wish I had one of these delicious cupcakes from Linzi’s Cakes.

Linzi created these beautiful Cherry Blossom Wedding Cupcakes for Rebecca and Ryan’s wedding favours, which I absolutely love. Who doesn’t like receiving an edible favour at a wedding!  I know I can only use so many wine openers and I hate having to throw out the other useless stuff we received at past weddings. So have fun with your favours, and it doesn’t matter how much they cost. You don’t have to give your guests an expensive favour. Just a little something to say “thanks”.

If you have an edible favour idea, give Linzi’s Cakes  a call and she will create your wedding favour of your dreams. 


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Let’s Eat Cupcakes!

There are so many great cupcake ideas out there now that you can buy these beautiful cupcake holders. I love this idea  from Christi’s Cakes , this theme would be great  for a spring or summer wedding, the colours are so fresh. I know I like a good cupcake, and when they are looking like this everyone would want one.

Visit Christi on FACEBOOK:  Christi’s Cake 

Web site:  Christi’s Cakes

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Linzi’s Cakes

I recently teamed up with Linzi’s Cakes. Lindsay specializes in custom cakes and cupcakes for any occasion, style and budget.All decorations are handmade and 100% edible. She will make your confectionary dreams a reality. I am so excited to work with Lindsay, she is very talented.


Lindsay Giguere

Owner & Cake Decorator

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