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Money Saving Tips

There is no official name for this disease but many brides get it. There are four symptoms to look for, but I assure you there is a cure.

* 1st Symptom

Around three months before your wedding, you’ll begin to second guess your decisions.

* 2nd Symptom

You’ll get scared and think about what you can do to make your wedding better and more unique.

* 3rd Symptom

Then you will ask friends, co-workers and anyone that will listen to you, about what they think of your ideas.

* 4th Symptom

This is the most dangerous, you make a few last minute phone calls and start up-grading a few packages.

* The CURE

Stick to your original budget. As the wedding draws near, your emotions take over…sit back and relax. Your wedding will be as you first pictures it, and your budget still in tack.

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