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Two Maids of Honour


Some brides might have picked who their maid of honour would be when they were ten, some find  it more difficult to choose one friend to be her honour attendant. Having  two close friends  sharing  this role is an excellent solution. It shouldn’t complicate matters, since the basic responsibilities of any member of the wedding party are the same: to offer assistance throughout her engagement and on her wedding day and be there to support her.  As many of us know planning a wedding can be stressful at time.

At the ceremony, the dual honour attendants can walk down the aisle either together or one in front of the other; they should stand side by side next to the bride during the ceremony. As well each maid of honour can be assigned different responsibilities, such as straightening the train and veil, holding the bouquet, handing the bride the grooms ring, and signing the marriage licence as a witness. Ohh and don’t forget to make sure both maids of honour are listed as such in the wedding program.

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